How I Met Your Mother Rewatch: Desperation Day

"You’re just holed up in Minnesota because you’re too scared to face reality."

Marshall’s still in Minnesota.  He’s there because he’s scared of what life is going to be like without his dad to turn to when he needs advice or to share good news.  He’s comforted by being able to regress into being a teenager because as a teenager he had literally zero worries.  Except maybe that sick Dr. Mario run.

And that’s how Ted ends up in Minnesota acting like a teenager too.  He’s scared of how fast his relationship with Zoey is moving.  He’s scared about getting too serious too fast and then screwing up.  But you can’t get too serious if you’re hundreds of miles away holed up in a friend’s room playing Mario Kart.

Ted and Marshall, time to grow up.

Stray Observations:

  • I should say Ted, Marshall, and Barney time to grow up.  Because Barney has a date on Valentine’s Day.
  • Watching Predator has to be the greatest Valentine’s day tradition of all time.
  • "I call him Marshpillow and he calls me….nothing…because he’s a pillow."
  • Nora!

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How I Met Your Mother Rewatch: Oh Honey

"She is?"

I seriously need to work on my up top quotes…

I like this episode.  I enjoy how Marshall being separate from the rest of the gang drives the storytelling.  I love Marshall falling back to his Minnesota ways while sitting in his childhood bedroom playing Clue with himself.

And this episode pushes us forward towards season end game.  Ted and Zoey are together.  She’s divorcing The Captain.  But while they may be happy now, Zoey is trying to stop the destruction of the Arcadian.  So this may be a time bomb.

Stray Observations:

  • Who’s that girl?  It’s actually Katy Perry.
  • "We hate Ted!  Get on board or the sexting stops."  "Ted’s a sonofa bitch!"
  • "I guess there’s no use hiding it anymore.  I hate you…bitch."
  • "If Zoey wasn’t married to Colonel Mustard…"
  • Ted has some nosy neighbors.

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