How I Met Your Mother Rewatch: Stuff

"That’s what friends do…apparently."

Ted and Robin aren’t looking so great.  They decided to move in together as a result of an argument, not a long term discussion.  The problem is, Ted has too much stuff.  Stuff that once belonged to other girls.  And it makes Robin jealous.

Of course Robin also has things from former boyfriends.  Specifically five dogs.  Five dogs that really belong somewhere other than an apartment in Brooklyn.  So they get to go to the farm.  The actual farm.

Stray Observations:

  • Lily and Barney’s friendship dynamic is fantastic.  They are both so ready to call each other out.
  • "Don’t you buy anything yourself?"
  • I love Robin’s dogs as hot guys.  Especially when they play fetch.
  • "They love dogs!"  "They?  What do you mean by ‘they’?" "…People upstate."
  • That’s two!

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How I Met Your Mother Rewatch: Lucky Penny

"Your destiny just wasn’t to make it to Chicago."

Ted’s a big believer in destiny.  He’s the kind of guy who looks for signs from the universe or believes that everything happens for some grand reason.  So when he misses his flight to Chicago, he looks for the plan.

The “plan” as it turns out goes all the way back to Ted’s old penny he found on the subway.  It was just cool at the time but the path of events led to Ted losing out on his dream job.  Maybe if he had never picked up that penny things would have turned out differently.  But they didn’t.  And so Ted (eventually) meets The Mother.

Stray Observations:

  • "I’ve seen where it turns around.  Ted, you don’t ever wan to see where the subway turns around."
  • mistressofthelearningplateau also finds old pennies interesting.
  • Lily reading Marshall marathon training advice whilst standing on the couch.
  • Robin wins the Hat of the Episode Award.

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How I Met Your Mother Rewatch: Monday Night Football

"Because sometimes, even when you know how something’s going to end that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the ride."

I really feel like the quote up top is directed at everybody who hated the finale so much that they now hate the show itself.  To those people I say, give it a chance, it’s still the same show you fell in love with.  These episodes still hold up.  Now that’s out of the way (for now), onto the actual episode.

Actually, not a whole ton happens in this episode except we get to see more of the gang’s traditions.  Every year they watch the Super Bowl together.  Even this time, when they’re on a 24 hour delay because of the death of Mark (Mike? Matt?).  Everyone’s attempts to keep from finding out the result are humorous especially when they all find out at roughly the same time (except Ted).  But they still have a fantastic time because their still friends.  And beer works.

Stray Observations:

  • mistressofthelearningplateau  you’re totally right about Carl’s mustache.
  • Ted’s prayer to the TiVo gods.
  • "I can’t believe you invited this girl you’ve only known a couple of months to our sacred day.  She’s going to be in all the pictures."
  • Marshall looks huge in those kindergarten chair.
  • I love how Lily sacrifices finding out who won to try to keep Marshall from hearing it.

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How I Met Your Mother Rewatch: Columns


"And there it was, rock bottom."

This may be the worst Ted ever has it at this job.  He’s the boss now but he really misses making fun of the boss.  Now people make fun of him behind his back.  And, in the case of Hammond Druthers, to his face.  Druthers is kind of a jackass, but can you blame him?  His life is falling apart right in front of him.  It’s really no wonder Ted has such a hard time firing him, because Ted is a decent guy.

Meanwhile Marshall and Lily fund their honeymoon to Scotland.  By compromising their values together.  How adorable are they?

Stray Observations:

  • New dart.
  • "I knew this day would come."  "How’d you know that?"  "Because I didn’t hide it very well."
  • Marshall and Lily have a broadsword in their bedroom.
  • I kind of want to go on my eventual honeymoon to Scotland.

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How I Met Your Mother Rewatch: First Time in New York

"I’m not telling you what to do, I’m just telling you what all 17 year old boys are like."

There’s a first time for everything and this episode deals with three of them.  The first is Robin’s sister Katie.  Katie wants to have sex for the first time with her douche-y boyfriend Kyle.  The whole gang (save Barney) tries to get her to wait by telling about their first times.  All very entertaining.

The second first goes to Robin.  She’s never said the words ‘I love you’ to a guy she’s dated before.   But she’s pretty sure she falafels Ted.  It takes a lot but she finally tells him. 

And the final first is for the whole gang.  Turns out none of them have been to the Empire State Building before because they were too busy.  Drinking mostly.

Stray Observations:

  • Barney’s freeway analogy.
  • "You say things."
  • "Did anyone put baby in a corner?"  "Never"
  • Sex metaphors.

Tomorrow: Columns and Monday Night Football

How I Met Your Mother Rewatch: How Lily Stole Christmas

"Are you as sick of apologies as I am?"

Marshall and Lily have already worked out their issues over Lily’s departure, but Lily and Ted still need to duke it out.  As the show goes on, it becomes more and more obvious that the relationship between Lily and Ted is an important one.  She’s just as much his best friend as either Marshall or Barney.  He was there for her when she needed talking down from her ledge (though she jumped anyway).

This episode has Ted still hurt over Lily’s departure for San Francisco.  She never apologized to him, never called, never wrote.  And she never apologized.  So Ted won’t apologize for calling her names.  But, after Ted proves how good of a friend he is to her, she realizes that they’ve apologized enough.  All they need is beer.

Stray Observations:

  • "Merry Christmas, assface."
  • "You know that calling people names is mean and hurtful….assface."
  • Ted’s middle name is Evelyn.
  • "Are you acting out because of the divorce?"
  • If I were Ted, I wouldn’t want to hang out with the mayor of Sunnydale on Christmas either.
  • Lily and Ted’s reconciliation saves Alyson Hannigan from having to sing with the rest of them.

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How I Met Your Mother Rewatch: Single Stamina

"Think of how the American family will be strengthened! "

Barney’s got a brother.  And since all of Barney’s other friends are lame couples, James gets called in.  But Barney soon finds out that James is engaged.  

Barney’s views on marriage are crazy.  But he’d always believed that it was how his brother felt about it too.  And so he’s hurt.  None of his friends will hang out with him because they’re all couples and even his polyamorous brother has become monogamous.  

The end of the episode provides a big clue to the future.  One year later, at James and Tom’s wedding, Ted and Robin stay later than the now married Marshall and Lily.  More to come.

Stray Observations:

  • "This isn’t my drink…it’s hers."  "No it’s not."
  • "Oh I’m straight too.  But I thank you for your time and I appreciate your interest in my body."
  • Ted and Marshall really enjoy being hit on by other guys at the gay club while Lily and Robin enjoy dancing without getting groped.

Tomorrow: How Lily Stole Christmas and First Time in New York

How I Met Your Mother Rewatch: Slap Bet

"Everyone has secrets."

In one of the best half hours of the show’s run we are introduced to two of the show’s best running bits.  The first is Robin’s huge secret.  She was a teenage pop star in Canada.  It’s the perfect set up for the perfect gag. And the Robin Sparkles episodes are always among the best.

The second is the eponymous slap bet.  After Barney prematurely slaps Marshall without Lily’s permission, she gives him a choice.  Ten slaps now or five that can be doled out from here to eternity.  By the end of the episode, Marshall has used up one of his five slaps and there’s plenty more where that came from.

Stray Observations:

  • "Did you get married at a mall?  Dumped at a mall?  Found out you were Canadian at a mall?"
  • "Trick question.  Marshall’s never been to the Pacific Northwest because he’s afraid of Sasquatch."
  • "There’s no ‘p’ in husband." "You sure do know a lot about husbands."
  • My ringtone is Let’s Go to the Mall.  I was also Robin Sparkles for Halloween a couple years ago.

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How I Met Your Mother: Atlantic City

"When they see us up there they’re going to see how much we love each other and none of that other stuff is going to matter."

Lily and Marshall are back together so it was only going to be a matter of time before they decided that the wedding was back on.  There’s only one problem, Lily’s afraid that Marshall’s Midwestern mayonnaise guzzling family is going to judge her.  Their solution?  Elope.  To Atlantic City.

After jumping through a zillion hoops they realize that sooner or later, Lily is going to have to face Marshall’s family.  She can’t run from them forever.  Those two crazy kids.

Stray Observations:

  • "Do you even know what an oath is?"
  • "I swear it.  Nay!  I oath it."
  • Marshall’s knack for games is on display here as he seems to be one of the few to understand the convoluted gambling game that Barney plays.
  • Lily’s proposal.
  • Robin’s bridesmaid shirt

Tomorrow: Slap Bet and Single Stamina

How I Met Your Mother Rewatch: Swarley

"You have crazier eyes than anyone I’ve ever met."

Marshall and Lily’s breakup comes full circle.  Ted and Barney find them sitting together in the same spot that, six months earlier, Ted found Marshall alone.  It’s really exactly what they’ve both wanted ever since Lily came back.  But Marshall needed some time first.  He spent his summer moping instead of figuring out who he was outside of their relationship.  

And so he gets the number of the coffee girl who’s never heard a joke before and hilarity ensues.  Jealous Lily is an entertaining Lily.  At least until she realizes that Marshall may actually find happiness with someone other than her.

Stray Observations:

  • It’s a Whedon veteran reunion!  Morena Baccarin and Tom Lenk both have guest spots.  And of course Alyson.
  • Alyson even has a scene with Tom.  There may be a little extra Willow in Lily during this part…
  • "She likes Billy Joel, I also like…music."
  • "Plan B is called ‘Chloe’s Accident’"

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