Day 13 - Favorite Era visited by The Doctor & Co.

This was another easy one.  Yay!  My favorite era is the Victorian Era.

First of all, the Victorian Era frequently means Vastra, Jenny, and Strax.  And Vastra, Jenny, and Strax are awesome.  Vastra and Jenny have such a fun little relationship and then you throw in Strax.  I mean where else would you find an interspecies lesbian couple with a pet potato?  And Vastra and Jenny are both total badasses.

Secondly,  the Victorian Era also means that the Doctor and his companions get to dress up fancy.  More often than any other era, the Doctor and his companions dress for the occassion.  And who doesn’t love the Doctor and his crew in fancy hair and dress?

Are we interrupting you?

Day 12 - Scene/Moment that makes you giggle

This actually wasn’t too difficult for me.  Though there are a lot of great funny moments.  I had to go with the queen of funny.  Donna Noble.

The moment where her and the Doctor find each other again is pure comic gold.  First of all silent comedy is always great and, secondly, Catherine Tate and David Tennant sell it.

They get so caught up in their silent conversation that they forget that they’re trying to be sneaky.  And then they realize that the people they were spying on have stopped they’re own conversation and are watching Donna and the Doctor.


Donna? You’re Donna, Donna Noble?


Day 11 - Scene/Moment that makes you cry

There’s a lot of great moments that are packed full of emotion throughout the run of the show.  Anytime we have to say goodbye to a longtime companion or the current iteration of the Doctor it’s bound to get emotional.  But, for me, as sad as Doomsday, Journey’s End, The Angels Take Manhattan, or any of the regeneration scenes for the Doctor are, it’s always the smaller moments that really get me.  They catch you off guard.

So for me one of the toughest moments is the scene between River Song and Donna Noble in ‘Silence in the Library’.  River realizes exactly who it is that she’s talking to and she looks at Donna with such sadness in her eyes.  Even not knowing the direction of Donna’s story it’s heartbreaking.  

It’s even worse upon rewatch.  Because now it’s not only River who knows what Donna’s heading towards.  But what River doesn’t know is what she’s headed towards.  The Doctor doesn’t recognize her and she’s going to sacrifice herself for a man who’s just met her.

There’s so much weight packed into one short little conversation and one look and I could just drown in my feelings.

You step on a butterfly, you change the human race


Day 10-Least Favorite Season

For me this one was easy.  And I know for a fact that mistressofthelearningplateau is going to write about the same thing.  Which isn’t going to happen often.  Probably.

Season 3 or, as you lot call it, series 3.

For me season 3 isn’t my least favorite because it’s got a bunch of bad episodes.  I mean come on, Blink?  Though the pacing is whack and there’s that weird three part finale that is only okay.  The real reason that season 3 is my least favorite is because of Martha Jones.

Not because I dislike Martha but because I do like her.  But her one season of being a main companion does her a complete disservice by making her defining character traits the fact that she’s in love with the Doctor and she’s not Rose.  What about the fact that she’s training to become a medical doctor?  What about the fact that she’s much much smarter (note: not more intelligent) than the Doctor?

Poor Martha she deserves better.  

We need to turn this up to eleven

Day 9 - Least Favorite Episode

Another day another prompt.  This one I actually have an answer for.  And while I’m with the majority in agreeing that ‘Love & Monsters’ and ‘Fear Her’ are among the bottom of the new Who episodes I decided to write about something different.

The Lazarus Experiment.

There’s not a lot to say about it that I probably won’t get to eventually.  But, as with many season (see?  Still American) 3 episodes, it mis-uses Martha.  I also am not fond of Lazarus as a villain.  Especially in his uber-creepy scorpion form.

On the plus side?  David Tennant in a bow tie.  Because bow ties are cool.

My friends have always been the best of me.

Day 8 - Favorite Series/Season

So my favorite season of Doctor Who (I realize that they are called series in the UK…which is weird to me.  What do you call the entire collective run of a show? These are the things I think about.)  Back on track.  All the seasons have their ups and downs.  For every ‘Blink’ there’s a ‘Love and Monsters’ so what’s my favorite season?  I think for the purposes of this discussion I’m going to say…

Season 6.

Say what you will about the Stephen Moffat era of Doctor Who.  Say what you will about season 6.  I’ll respectfully disagree but you can have your opinion.  This entire season had a plan.  From start to finish every episode played into it.  Every episode was building toward something.  And what’s interesting about this season is that we always knew what it was building towards.  But that didn’t take away the air of mystery surrounding it.  How was the Doctor going to worm his way out of this one?

This is the season that introduced the Silence, explored the relationship between the Doctor and his TARDIS, and finally showed it’s hand on River Song.  It let Amy show her cross side, brought back Craig, and in the end time stopped.  All because one woman became convinced that fixed points can be rewritten.  There were pirates, and a Minotaur, and Hitler. There was fun and there was adventure and there was so much emotion.

A lovely and intensely plotted season with little room to catch a breather.  And so much River Song.

Like their personality’s written all over it.

Day 7 - Favorite Episode

Why are all these questions so damned impossible?  And why do I keep venturing into the Eleventh Doctor era for my answers?  Some questions just really have no answer.  But I do.  

The Girl Who Waited.

As I’ve mentioned before, Amy is one of my favorite main companions on the show.  She’s smart, she’s tough, and she’s so incredibly Scottish.  So what happens when she’s left to her own devices, to survive without the aid of the Doctor?

'The Girl Who Waited' succeeds, in large part, because of Karen Gillan.  She's asked to bear the emotional brunt of the episode and she does it brilliantly.  Old Amy (as opposed to younger Amy) is so jaded after all those years without the Doctor, Rory, and the TARDIS.

And then there’s the entire emotional arc between the older Amy and Rory.  It’s beautiful.  Here’s the woman he loves, aged so much by the harsh years surviving in a hostile environment, and for that he loves her all the more.  Not only is it a great Amy episode, it’s a wonderful Rory episode.  He would fold the world in two for that woman, and he was prepared to try to save both his Amy and her hardened doppelganger.

In a move that pre-echos their ultimate fate, Appalapachia Amy decides to give up everything for the chance to grow old with the man that she loves, rather than letting her younger self grow old alone and become jaded and bitter.  It’s really a great episode.

That’s exactly what an internet lunatic murderer would say.

Day 6 - Least Favorite Character

So this is an impossible question.  There isn’t really a character in the new version of the series that I hate.  So I’ll go with one I sort of like.  

Mickey Smith.

So the thing about Mickey is that he becomes awesome around about the time that he decides to stay in the Pete Tyler parallel world.  But before that he pretty much only exists in contrast to Rose’s new life with the Doctor.  And he’s pathetic.  He was just the tin dog for awhile, completely useless to the real adventure. 

Thankfully, Ricky came around to prove that he could be something more.