How I Met Your Mother Rewatch: Home Wreckers

"I see a life that I know I can have here."

It seems like every other day, I’m talking about how Ted Mosby is a hopeless romantic.  How he gets ahead of himself.  How he’s got this perfect vision and anything less just isn’t enough.

But he’s also desperate.  He sees the lives of everyone around him falling into place and he’s feeling left behind.  He’s scared of becoming Barney or the lonely old man surrounded by happily married people.  So he makes a desperate play.  He finds one thing about his future that he can absolutely control.  And he buys it.  In all of it’s cockroach infested, termite riddled, falling apart glory.

Ted’s got his house in Westchester.

Stray Observations:

  • Where have I seen that face before?  It’s Mayor Richard Wilkins III!
  • Was anybody else expecting Clint to become a giant snake after his song?  Just me then?
  • Drunk or a Kid
  • I hope that Alyson Hannigan didn’t have an allergic reaction to all that plaster from tearing down the house

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How I Met Your Mother Rewatch: Zoo or False?

"You can’t just tack on a new ending because you’re not satisfied with how a story wraps up."

I chose the quote up top because it summarized the episode the best.  Or perhaps summarized what I wanted to say best.  And then I started jotting it in my notes and realized that, retroactively, it could just as easily be speaking to those dissatisfied with the ending.  But that is to come.

The rest of the episode is pretty much about lies.  It’s Marshall’s lies that are central in this episode.  But perhaps it’s Barney’s that are more important.  At least, they’re the ones that will come up again.

Stray Observations:

  • To be honest I don’t find monkeys inherently entertaining.
  • Bananas are good.  Always take a banana to a party.
  • Alyson Hannigan pleas don’t cry.  You will break my heart.

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How I Met Your Mother Rewatch: Say Cheese

"What if you don’t?"

Ted’s relentless optimism is the center of the show.  It keeps it moving forward.  But his belief that nearly every girl is the One is grating to those around him who are slightly less optimistic and can see right through the charade.

But what Marshall and Lily don’t realize is that sometimes they’ve got to be a little more optimistic about Ted.  He is a big part of their story after all.

Stray Observations:

  • "You’re just saying camera words."
  • Name That Bitch.
  • mistressofthelearningplateau has pretty much the same pose in every picture she’s ever taken.  I, on the other hand, am more like Marshall.
  • Marshall, Ted, and Barney are wearing bow ties.  And they look cool.
  • Ted approving of Lily so early will come up again.

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How I Met Your Mother Rewatch: Of Course

"She’s not going on the super date.  You are."

Sometimes Barney is a truly deplorable human being.  And sometimes he is a truly great guy.  And sometimes this all happens in the span of an episode.

Barney is an extremely selfish character.  He goes after what he wants when he wants it with no worries about how it may affect other people.  But when someone points it out to him, he can be so incredibly selfless, realizing that there are things more important than him getting laid.

Stray Observations:

  • Who’s that girl?: It’s J-Lo!
  • But um
  • Bang Bang Bangity Bang song
  • "Robin Scherbatsky, you look like the classiest, most expensive prostitute ever."  Oh Ted, a girl always dreams of hearing those words."
  • "I’m angry at you, I’m angry at me, I’m angry at Ted, and frankly, I’m still angry at the Empire."

How I Met Your Mother Rewatch: Hooked

"Honesty is tough but in the end it is the far kinder alternative."

This episode introduces the concept of being on the hook.  Stringing somebody you only like as a friend along with the promise that sometime in the future you can be together.  Just because you like the attention.

Ted and Marshall have both been on the hook.  Marshall when he was a rat-tailed high schooler.  The problem with being on the hook, is that it’s not that easy to see.

Ted’s also got somebody on his hook.  As do Robin and Lily.  But it takes Ted realizing how he feels being on the hook to figure out that it’s much better to let someone off the hook.  It hurts but it heals.

Stray Observations:

  • Where have I seen that face before?:  It’s Carrie Underwood!
  • Teacup pig!
  • "Some of both but definitely not neither."
  • Why are Marshall and Lily so damned adorable?
  • "Alright shut it woman."
  • Marshall and pudding.  I’ll row that boat.

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How I Met Your Mother Rewatch: Rabbit or Duck

Joke’s on the rest of the world because we can do that on our own”

It’s Valentine’s Day and the gang is all trying to find someone to spend it with.  Well Lily and Marshall have each other, Robin’s been invited to a “party” at Don’s, Barney’s got a magic phone that won’t stop ringing with increasingly ridiculous girls on the other end, and Ted just wants what Ranjit has.

But as the episode wears on, rabbits turn into ducks and ducks turn into rabbits.  The magic phone is more of a curse than a blessing, Ted and Robin have a nice evening drinking and avoiding cleaning the toilet, and Robin realizes that maybe she does like Don after all.

Stray Observations:

  • We’re baaaaaaaack.  Apologies for the lengthy hiatus.  mistressofthelearningplateau and I are very excited to be back talking about How I Met Your Mother.  Now let’s see if I remember how to do these things….
  • Lily: “Isn’t there always a hotter girl?”  Marshall: Looks at Lily and shakes his head.
  • Anya’s with you Teddy Westside.  Ducks are way better than rabbits.

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