In bed above or deep asleep. While greater love lies further deep. This dream must end, this world must know. We all depend on the beast below.

Day 18 - Favorite Amy Moment

Okay this is getting ridiculous.  Like seriously ridiculous.  How am I supposed to choose my favorite Amy Pond moment?  So I chose one out of many.

Amy Pond rescues the Star Whale.

In her very first TARDIS adventure, Amy finds herself on Space Britain (and discovers that Space Scotland is its own thing) but something’s amiss.  The whole colony is flying through space on the back of a tortured old creature, the very last of its kind.

The entire colony, including its queen, has chosen to forget year after year that they’re torturing the very last Star Whale.  As the Doctor chooses to put the poor creature out of it’s misery, Amy Pond notices something else, something the Doctor missed.  And she protests.

She saw so much of the Doctor in that Whale and so much of little Amelia Pond, the girl who prayed to Santa about the crack in her wall in all those children.  And she did what Amelia Pond would continue to do for many years to come.  She saved the Doctor.

P.S.  Tied for my favorite Amy Pond moment?  Praying to Santa.

Don’t be so daft. I’m nothing special

Day 17 - Favorite Donna Moment

Oh Doctor Who 30 day challenge why must you torture me this way?  Why must you make me choose one out of nine billion great Donna moments?  Well, I think that I’ve chosen.

At the end of Turn Left, the Donna Noble of the Doctor-less world finds out what it’s going to take to fix it all.  She has to die so that a better world can take the place of the messed up world that she’s known.  And she does it anyway.

And that’s not what makes it great.  It’s that fact that she’s terrified and she does it anyway.  Because bravery isn’t all about never being scared, it’s about being scared and doing the right thing anyway.  Donna may be the most important woman in the whole of creation but she’s also the bravest.  Whether she realizes it or not.

We might not.

Day 16 - Favorite Martha Moment

Today was a tough one.  Not because there are so many truly great Martha moments to choose from but because there aren’t a lot of memorable ones.  Doctor Who failed Martha Jones.  So I chose a moment that shows her true potential as a companion.

In Smith and Jones when they’re on the moon, Martha goes to open up a window and her coworker stops her because she’ll let all the air out.  But Martha realizes that the windows aren’t airtight.  They’d already have lost all their air.  In that moment the Doctor realizes that he may have found his next companion.  So he invites her to go outside with him.  When she accepts, he informs her they might die.  Her response?  We might not.  And that’s the moment it was all but confirmed.

Those two small moments show what Martha Jones is as a character and what she could have been as a character.  She’s incredibly clever, realizing things that others might overlook.  She’s the perfect match for the Doctor.  If only all the Martha moments could have been this perfect.

So technically, I cheated choosing two moments.  But they happened so close together and they perfectly illustrated who Martha was when she was Martha Jones rather than Not Rose.

Not if I see you first.

Day 15 - Favorite Rose Moment

We’re halfway there and we’re back to the difficult ones.  But I think I’ve got this one figured out.  See I mentioned before my affinity for the small moments.  And this is no exception.

In ‘The Impossible Planet’ right before the Doctor lowers himself into…the satan pit, Rose kisses him on the forehead.  Well…she kisses his space suit on the forehead but that’s part of what I love about this moment.

It’s an extraordinarily small gesture of affection.  But it speaks volumes.  She may have fallen in love with him but this is different.  She kisses his (spacesuit) forehead because she loves him, not because she’s in love with him.  It’s a gesture of friendship, loyalty, and deep caring.  

It’s everything great about Rose and the Doctor packed into a tiny space.  You might even say it’s bigger on the inside.

Just this once.

Day 14 - Favorite Doctor Moment

There’s a lot of great Doctor moments through out the run of the show.  But this one may take the cake.  The everybody lives scene from ‘The Doctor Dances’.

What’s so great about this is that it’s a such a small thing but it’s huge to the Doctor.  It’s a victory for a man who thought he’d run out of victories.  Only one regeneration out of the Time War in which he lost everything, he’s got very little hope.  But he was able to find hope in that moment.

It’s everything about it, the gigantic grin on his face and the gleam in his eye.  Because just this once.

Everybody lives.