Buffy Rewatch: Passion

I love love love this episode.  It’s such a powerful hour of television in a way that very few other shows manage.  But it will not be the last time for Buffy (the show). 

It starts off with Angel’s voice-over speech about passion, a speech that when read in its entirety and read in pieces by David Boreanaz is harrowing and gives me chills.  Angel has been lurking for the past couple of episodes, popping up occasionally or sending flowers just to remind us he’s there.  Now the episode is about him, and he’s going to make it one to remember.

I love a lot about this episode (really there’s only one thing I hate about it…but its something that makes this show what it is so I guess I’ll deal) but some things stick out in my mind.   The first is the shot of Willow finding her fish in the envelope.  For some reason it makes the moment that it’s seen through the empty fish tank.  The second is Willow and Buffy getting the call about Ms. Calendar shown from Angel’s point of view over part 2 of the passion speech.

The third is what I’ll call The Brutal Reconciliation.  It happens three times on this show.  The first instance is here.  Giles and Jenny are finally becoming close again.  You’re so excited because you just love the two of them together.  And them out of nowhere a brutal murder.  And the shot in front of the large bay window of Angelus killing Jenny Calendar in a brutal fashion is one that will stick with you.

As Willow would say *whimper*.

Stray Observations:

  • Cordelia’s obsession with her car is a bit of a running gag in this episode.  When her and Xander drive up surrounded by garlic is funny even after everything else.
  • Nice bit of foreshadowing toward the beginning: “Easy for you to say you don’t have Angel lurking in your bedroom at night”
  • Drusilla and Sunshine
  • "Willow are you aware that there are no fish in your aquarium?"
  • This episode also marks Willow’s first use of magic.

Next: Killed by Death

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