Buffy Rewatch: Amends


I’ll give you three guesses as to the theme of this episode.  But you’ll probably only need one.  That’s right.  The theme of this episode is forgiveness and making amends.

It’s actually wonderfully done and not too hard hitting.  Mainly it’s about Angel trying to atone for his transgression both recent and historic.  He’s lead to believe (by The First!) that he’s only a monster and that’s all he’ll ever be.

But Angel isn’t the only one making amends in the episode.  Xander, Willow, and to some extent even Faith are trying to atone for one thing or another.  Xander wants to make it up to Buffy because he was such an ass about the whole Angel thing.  Willow wants to make amends with Oz because of the Xander thing.  And Faith?  She’s just looking to come back into the fold because she was dismissive and angry after The Gwendolyn Post Incident.

All’s forgiven.  Must be that Hanukkah Spirit.

Stray Observations:

  • Angel in the 1800’s has the dirtiest ‘stache in history.
  • "Tree. Nog. Roast Beast."
  • Willow would like everyone not to forget that she’s still Jewish.
  • Willow’s attempt to be sexy for Oz?  Not so much.
  • Angel or star on the top of the tree is a discussion that was had in my house for many years.  We alternated until we got a tree too tall for either.
  • "Why don’t you come in from the entire lack of cold."
  • "Strong is fighting.  It’s hard and it’s painful and it’s every day." 

Tomorrow mistressofthelearningplateau and I watch Gingerbread and Helpless.  Questions or comments in the interim? Send them to my askbox.

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